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Below you will find links you can access to print the planner for your use. It only has three pages and you can use the pages over and over for your daily needs. As busy as we are we cannot keep all the whirlwind thoughts in our minds and not forget something. Use this to […]

Looking To The Future With Celebration

LOOKING TO THE FUTURE WITH CELEBRATION AND FRIENDS The Gathering and Looking to the future to celebrate your new found life When looking to the future with celebration of your new found life you may want to gather a group of your closest friends who will not mind lending you a helping hand. During challenging moments, […]

The Creative Process and Why It is Important

Creativity and why it is important  Creativity is important for you to create your new space. And what does this have to do with me having a safe place to live? Allowing your mind to wander and tap into your creative process is a part of self-love and healing.  After certain circumstances, we as human […]

Finding Your Safe Haven and What To Expect

FINDING YOUR SAFE HAVEN What is your next step in finding your safe haven and what to expect. Finding your safe haven is a matter of figuring out where are you going to live. What neighborhood you and your family will feel safe in. Determining the resources in that neighborhood for you to use to […]

Seeking Shelter From The Storm Of Life

Are you seeking shelter from the storm   Seeking shelter from my storm of life I found myself seeking had shelter from the storm in my life. A little backdrop about why I had to seek shelter.  The Story Backdrop In Junior high school I took all business courses in the eighth grades which lead […]

How Would I Know Where To Begin?

WHERE TO BEGIN How would I know where to begin.  Many times have we found ourselves trying to figure out a solution and we hit a brick wall. There are no answers anywhere in sight to be found to help us get through our dire situations. With that said, I will share a story about […]

Has Life Given You Lemons Instead Of Lemonade?

Life Given You Lemons Instead Of Lemonade? Do you feel insecure, anxious and doubtful about your life. Does it feel like you have more adversity in your life than others. It seems as if others are having an easier time at things and you start feeling sorry for yourself. You ask, why can’t things ever […]