Tools Used For Upholstery


Why do we needs tools for upholstery and what are the tools used for. Let’s start with some basic tools we need to have on hand and what they are for. In the list below you may already have access to these tools in your home or you can ask a friend to use theirs. I recommend starting out with simple tools you can handle and as you become familiar with the process and using basic tools, you can graduate to other types of tools that are used, but for now we will keep the tool list simple.

Heavy Duty Staple Gun – Usually a manual heavy duty stapler will do for beginners and can be purchased at big box stores.

Staples – Buy staples that are used for your manual heavy duty stapler you have chosen. Staple sizes are identified on the box.

Staple puller – Nice to have when your staples will not go all the way in to the frame of your furniture piece. Staple pullers are used to get the staples pulled out of the frame.

Plyers – If you do not have a staple puller on hand, plyers can be used to pull misaligned staples.

Hammer – used for adjusting misaligned staples. Sometimes your staples will not go all the way into the frame of your furniture but the crown of the staple mangled, that is where your hammer comes in handy. You gently tap the crown of the staple to force the staple in the frame.


Tools used for upholstery have assigned purposes. In the tear down process you use staple pullers, plyers or snub nose plyers to pull the old staples from the frames of the upholstery piece.

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