Hello, my name is Sheila Crew. I am a retired federal employee starting a second career after 31 years of service. The purpose of this blog is to help to empower women who have found themselves in untenable situations to remake their lives through upholstery. I would like to provide a safe place for you without you feeling judged or ashamed about your circumstances. It is never too late no matter what your circumstances are or have been. My hope and deepest wishes are for you to learn a skill that will boost your confidence and give you new found freedom in your new found life. With this new skill you can make your home aesthetically pleasing.

Upholstery is considered to be a dying art, but is a wonderful skill to have. It allows you to create beauty in your surroundings and in the process teach you a lot about yourself. Learning new skills gives you freedom and boost your self esteem. Lets have fun. Repurpose your life through upholstery and make upholstery an expression of you!

XOXO Sheila