Color Palettes

When talking about aesthetics what does it really mean and how does it fit. Why should it matter. If you look around you, there are so many things that are eye catching. For instance, TV commercial’s with alluring people or products that catch your eye and secondly to encourage buying it is all done with aesthetics. Shopping on line for specific item, what happens the eye catching display of the item, the colors used all done with aesthetics to be pleasing to look at and appealing. So in essence you want your upholstered item to look appealing and pleasing. To have pride ownership in knowing that you produce this magnificent item. I took an excerpt from Merriam Webster’s dictionary just to give you an idea of where I am going regarding aesthetics.

1aof, relating to, or dealing with aesthetics or the beautiful aesthetic theories bARTISTICa work of aesthetic value cpleasing in appearance ATTRACTIVE… easy-to-use keyboards, clear graphics, and other ergonomic and aesthetic features …— Mark Mehler
2appreciative of, responsive to, or zealous about the beautiful also responsive to or appreciative of what is pleasurable to the senses his aesthetic sensibility
3done or made to improve a person’s appearance or to correct defects in a person’s appearance aesthetic plastic surgery
As you can see aesthetic has different meanings and are related to lots of things.
Your home environment should be your place of comfort and relaxation. When you do not feel that way, you become anxious, underwhelmed and even overwhelmed. So it is important to create a space you feel safe and comfortable in.


Decor, refers to the aesthetic components used to make your home more attractive and visually appealing. It is inclusive of physical items and objects, such as furniture, art, and accessories, placement of physical items and objects, and room colors and materials which include flooring, wall coverings, window coverings, and ceilings. That is a lot to take in. However, are crucial to the feel of  your home.

Thinking about those items mentioned, you do not have to spend lots of money to find items that resonate with you. You can find nice decorative items gently used at thrift stores, antique shops and your stores you regularly frequent. I remember when I had to start over, I would find little trinkets in stores I frequented and sometimes would receive items as gifts from my friends, family or acquaintances. It is so easy to fall into the trap of having an expensive looking home. When starting over, it is not always possible and you have competing priorities that may upstage your desire to buy more expensive items.


How does furniture fit into the subjects discussed above. Well we need furniture for sleeping, sitting, storage and a host of activities in our homes.  Furniture adds comfort and organization to our space. When we are starting over from a clean slate, we may or may not have access to furniture items and may have to buy things from thrift stores or receive donated items from family and friends and that is okay. You can take those items make them your own. You can change the fabric with a fabric that you like or even paint or stain the piece. By making your furniture items the way you see fit gives you a sense of pride and ownership.

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