Looking To The Future With Celebration


The Gathering and Looking to the future to celebrate your new found life

When looking to the future with celebration of your new found life you may want to gather a group of your closest friends who will not mind lending you a helping hand. During challenging moments, we gain inspiration or insight from those that are closest to us. With this in mind those friends may have stories and similar experiences to share with you. Listening to your circle’s stories will and can incite creative insights and moments you can apply to your own life.

When faced with life altering situations you feel scattered and uneasy. Not sure of yourself and in making sound judgements. Surrounding yourself with people that will provide support and help you with your newfound life and gain inspiration from is worth looking to the future with celebration. 



You need a road map to ensure that you can land in a safe space.  At this point, hopefully, you are comfortable with the ability to use your problem solving techniques as mentioned on the blog post What Questions Should You ask Yourself in the Process? with this intention of creating a road map.

Think of the road map as a guide with the purpose guiding you through uncharted territory. On the contrary, the map will be used to determine your future and not a just a destination.

There will be times your journey won’t match up with your road map and it is not what you have envisioned or like you want it. Just remember you are looking to the future with celebration not perfection. Your goal is to make a safe landing for yourself and your family. Remember this is not a destination, it a one of many roads you will take in your new life.

Some roads will be bumpy, others will be smooth. You will in most cases face a lot of uncertainty. I once had someone tell me “you just make stuff up as you go along”.

At the time I could not answer with a clear answer and although this may be true, as a matter of fact, you will figure it out as you go along. In the process of me figuring my road map out, the more I thought about it, I was convinced that life is pretty much that way.

Being a pioneer at heart, you take least traveled road. Starting over always has the least traveled road feel. So looking to the future with celebration with an open heart and mind will do you all the world of good. 


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