Finding Your Safe Haven and What To Expect


What is your next step in finding your safe haven and what to expect. Finding your safe haven is a matter of figuring out where are you going to live. What neighborhood you and your family will feel safe in. Determining the resources in that neighborhood for you to use to get going and pointed in the right direction. 

These things can be a daunting task for anyone because you feel as if you have lost your moorings. Your foundation feels unstable, and your outlook is murky. 

Ask your friends or find a counselor within your area what is a good neighborhood for you and your family to live. In reality, finding a place to call your safe haven is important for your wellbeing and especially if you have young children that need to be protected and feel stable.  You want to feel especially good about choices you make regarding schools, grocery stores, transportation and medical facilities. All these things are important to your getting off to a good start. Seeking Shelter From The Storm Of Life 


We have a habit of keeping all our thoughts bottled up in our minds and not allowing our minds to rest. As an end result, confusion sets in along with us developing anxious and nervous tendencies. It is paramount you take this time to look for hidden opportunities instead of obstacles standing in the way of you succeeding.

Get in the habit of writing down what you envision your life to be and how you want your life to progress. Which can be a good opportunity to practice self-care. It sounds like fluff, but it is not. I can remember when I had to start over, I kept every detail I owned about where I wanted to go and what my life should look like in my mind. Did I succeed yes, but with lots of worry and anxious thinking.

Writing out your thoughts and what you want gives you a road map and gets them out of your mind so you can prioritize what is needed first. This helps you to develop good habits along the way to rebuilding your life.


Your steps you take in the process will take time and you cannot expect everything to fall into place all at once.  Be patient as much as you can with your new life and understand that you are important as much as your safe haven.

Make the best of it as you go along by embracing the changes and get focused on your newfound journey because not being in a good spot, will not allow you to create the space needed for you and your family. Which leads to the next thought. The creative process and why it is important. Read on to find out why.

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  1. […] I want to be able to help women who have found themselves in an untenable situation and have are starting over in life. Making something that they could have pride of ownership in. Working from the feminine power you have within and having self-empowerment is a great motivating factor and can give a boost to your self-esteem. What is next. What steps would you take to ensure you can make your newfound shelter a home?  Hopefully from the previous posts you have taken some of those steps in moving forward with your life.  Using the journal, I mentioned will be your road map and compass. Guiding to your true north. The beacon of light you are looking forward to for rest and comfort. And hopefully my story will give inspiration and courage to make your journey a success.Finding Your Safe Haven and What To Expect […]

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