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The Creative Process and Why It is Important

Creativity and why it is important 

Creativity is important for you to create your new space. And what does this have to do with me having a safe place to live? Allowing your mind to wander and tap into your creative process is a part of self-love and healing.  After certain circumstances, we as human beings will not allow ourselves to rest.

Not to mention we are stepped in the movie we just left longer than we should be. Additionally the loop interferes with our imagination or creative process. 

Road Map

No matter what you are doing and what has taken place, give yourself time and space to follow your road map I talked a little about earlier. The road map helps in guiding your direction through your journey and discovery of your purpose. Without a clear vision for your life, you will be going around in circles chasing your thoughts with no intended process or actions. Decide your “when” when it comes to goal setting, “someday” will never come. It delays your creative process and allows for other unintended situations to crop up.

Give yourself a deadline. Not so strict or unrealistic that you will not be able to attain those goals. That only sets you up for failure and disappointment. The idea is to take each step at a time with intended outcomes but realistic outcomes.


Document what you want to do to help you determine your outcome.

You start by preparing with brainstorming your ideas. Thinking about what you want to do. Commit  those ideas to paper after you have had a chance to think about them. The ideas could come to you in a dream, while showering, making lunch for the kids, cleaning the house. Take time to write them down.


You will gain insight or have aha moments. Where the light bulb comes on and you get a clear picture of what you want to see. Make sure you evaluate your road map you have developed for your safe haven before you get started. If you tend to come up with an idea and start to execute it without a clear road map, that leads to starting over and becoming frustrated. Nonetheless, take it as a clear sign you had an idea. Ask yourself, does it work for me, if yes. Then be okay with it. Which brings us to the evaluation of your ideas, this is where the magic happens, and you will be the one who will be okay with whatever you have come up with and your creation.

Allow Yourself Time To Create Your New Space

As exciting, scary and unknown that your new situation maybe, give yourself time to reflect and take in your space. Upon moving in, you immediately want to start fixing up your new space. Allow  yourself time to do so and take in your space to collect ideas in your mind and write them down. It is understandable that you do not have time because you are juggling a full plate. And all you will need is a bed and a place to put your children. As important as they are and you too for that matter, you still need to think about how you want your place to function.

For instance, when my son and I moved into a one bedroom apartment, I had a place to put my things I had stashed away in the storage unit at my childhood home. Unfortunately, many things I carried with me to my former residence, those things were lost in the shuffle. I had to start all over again. 

Reimagining Your Safe Haven and Traps You Can Fall Into

Comparing Your Progress To Others And What You See Around You. Earlier in my life when I had to start over, I found it difficult to relax and the only way I could do that was to create or make do with what I had in my own environment. My friends laughed and talked about me and said I did have anything. Little did I know they were not the supporting cast I needed. For the most part, I kept all my ideas in my mind and would only let them out when I felt safe to do so. And even now that I am so far away from where I started, I will always go back to that movie in my mind about what I did not have.

Not Thinking Through Your Creative Process and The Impact

My first mistake I made was trying to buy new furniture from our local furniture store. I had a salary that was fair for that day and time, however, my lofty ideas were larger than my budget. Give yourself time and space to create your new space. Think about what you can afford and what can you do without. If you are fortunate enough to have pieces donated, given to you by friends, you bought at the thrift store think about the things you can do with them in the most cost effective way.  How Would I Know Where To Begin?


“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.” — Mary Lou Cook


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