Seeking Shelter From The Storm Of Life

Are you seeking shelter from the storm


Seeking shelter from my storm of life

I found myself seeking had shelter from the storm in my life. A little backdrop about why I had to seek shelter. 

The Story Backdrop

In Junior high school I took all business courses in the eighth grades which lead to me holding various administrative jobs. My first official I held was at age thirteen working in a bookstore and consequently, lead to my second official job working for the Federal Government in Human Resources Working for ACTION which is the financial branch for the Peace Corp while attending high school. I had big dreams of becoming a Director of Human Resources I knew I needed to get into a college program to accomplish such a mission.

As I said earlier in my post about How would I know where to begin, is where my life took a dramatic turn. I found myself having to seek shelter from my storm of life I just endured. There was no family support or assistance. I had no viable foot print to follow. This was a one Wo(man) journey. It was exciting and scary all at once. I did not know how things were going to turn out, but I managed to seek shelter from my storm for me and my son.

Making a fresh start

I found shelter from the storm of life for me and my son to start our lives over and begin again. It was not an easy task to figure out what we needed in our new found shelter (home). All I knew is we had shelter from the storm we had just endured.  I was able to secure a job working back in the federal government Did not have much but I made do with what I had. As time went on, while working to ensure that we had a stable life I put myself through college and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and worked my way up through promotions to hold managerial positions in the federal government in Human Resources and It was not easy, but I did it.

I always knew I had a creative side, and you begin to focus on those talents I let lie dormant. I started to explore my creative side with upholstery. No classes, no coaching. I just got out my tools bought material and was at least able to bring  those ideas into reality. Since retiring in 2013 I have been able to create pieces in my own home that are functional suited my home aesthetic.

In many cases and instances money is not available to have  “magazine-ready” homes. However, being able to have something you can appreciate and say yeah, I did that without feeling ashamed of your environment is worth gold.


In summary, helping women who have found themselves in untenable situations. 

Making something that they could have pride of ownership in. Working toward self-empowerment is a great motivating factor and can give a boost to your self-esteem. What is next. What steps would you take to ensure you can make your newfound shelter a home? 

Hopefully from the previous posts you have taken some of those steps in moving forward with your life.  Using the journal, I mentioned will be your road map and compass. Guiding to your true north. The beacon of light you are looking forward to for rest and comfort. And hopefully my story will give inspiration and courage to make your journey a success.Finding Your Safe Haven and What To Expect

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