How Would I Know Where To Begin?

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How would I know where to begin.  Many times have we found ourselves trying to figure out a solution and we hit a brick wall. There are no answers anywhere in sight to be found to help us get through our dire situations. With that said, I will share a story about my having to start over.


As a senior in high school, I met my son’s father not realizing that would change the trajectory of my life. I had a teen pregnancy in the early 70s and graduated from high school three months into my pregnancy.

The shame and stigma attached was enough to put anyone in a tailspin, but instead, I immediately thought, I must put my plans on the backburner. Little did I know I would end up in a horrible domestic situation that would impact my life as well as my son’s.

As a young mother I did not work outside of the home. However, I was able to earn extra money to keep things afloat by providing daycare for a working mom in my neighborhood and it was the only way I could have extra money to keep things afloat in the household.

Although my partner (or son’s father) was not a good provider he did acquire furniture that had good bones and I recognized those pieces were of good quality and I felt good about having them. I went about preparing the furniture and arranging the pieces to give my home a nice aesthetic. The skills I had acquired from my grandmother who sewed patch quilts and made dresses and other garments without a pattern; who taught me how to sew and I was able to take the skills my art teacher who was a big influence on my recognizing different patterns in textiles and colors became a great asset, enabling me to fix up my home and make the most of what I had. This all lead to my interest in upholstery.

Starting a New Career For My New Life

I began my working career at a very early age and had been pretty fortunate to land decent positions. Luckily I was able to land a job working again in the federal government where I had started as a student and as time progressed I promoted to managerial positions.

Though, my salary was small, I still had to find a place for my young son and start over. Was it easy, no. I could simply say get yourself up and dust yourself off and begin all over again. That you have nothing but fear itself holding you back. To some degree that may be true, however, first you have to process what has happened and what are your next steps. Gaining a solid foundation and direction for starting over again is paramount and scary. I shared my story to show I had to begin again, because I had a young child to care for. And that no matter how my life progressed, I had a chance to start again.


Starting again, helps you gain a fresh perspective on how you see your life through your eyes and not through someone else’s. You get to determine what you want. This is where life skills come in handy.

As I discussed early on, why life skills are so so important.

In everyday life, life skills helps you find new ways of thinking and solving problems. It teaches you the ability to take charge of a situation without relying on upon others to solve your problems for you.

You build confidence in spoken skills and collaborations with others and developing cooperation with others.

Along with the above mentioned, you gain critical thinking skills and develop emotional skills. Emotional skills are important in this aspect because it helps you to deal with stressful situations.

Now I know you are saying you just don’t understand what I have been through and it is easy for you to say writing from behind the keyboard. Go back to my story and take your time and read it and understand the underlying message. You can begin again. It is never too late. Step into your own power. The Creative Process and Why It is Important

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